I'm back with a new set from Supernatural Jai. We tried a different shooting location this time around and went with studio lights instead of natural light. Look for more sets and video from Jai coming up soon.

The lovely lady in today's update is SupernatuReal Jai and she was shot right here in Ohio. Those of you who have conversed with me know that I'd been having a difficult time locating SupernatuReals locally. SupernatuReals are rare, special women and I knew when I started this project that finding them for the site would be difficult. But a few weeks ago my tenacity paid off when I discovered Jai.

 She posed for an art class and did one photo shoot in the past but she is no "model." She is simply a woman who believed in my vision and was bold and brave enough to step in front of my camera and display her body and hair the way it was intended to be…natural. I don't know about you all but I think actress Lisa Nicole Carson and Jai could be twin sisters. They share the same curly afro, skin tone, curves and gorgeous smile.

Jai's Afrocentric clothing and jewelry for this shoot are from Ghana. Jai had this to say about her hair, "I have only had two perms/straighteners in my life although I did use curling irons to tame my hair into submission. I quit fighting my curls about eight years ago. I went natural because I was tired of fighting what my hair wanted to do and wanted to embrace my own individual type of beauty."

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Supernatureal Jai returns rocking a beautiful dress made up of Pan-African colors. I added a red, black, green and yellow choker and bracelet to complete the Afrocentric look.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with SupernatuReal Jai for a second time. Summertime had darkened her skin a bit, giving it a warm, copper color. Her Afro was more tightly curled this time around and had highlights that matched her beautiful brown complexion.

 The sun was warm and bright so we had some great natural light to shoot with. Unfortunately, all of that sunlight was accompanied by lots of heat and the place we were shooting in had no air. Fortunately, I had two lovely ladies assisting me and they brought plenty of bottled water to keep Jai hydrated.

 Jai never complained though and she managed to keep everyone upbeat and laughing by joking around between shots. We created a ton of great art on this shoot so if you are a fan of Jai, make sure to stick around.

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