Nikki Von Nu

The lovely SupernatuReal in this set of images created by photographer Bobby Williams is Nikki Von Nu. Nikki, a plus size pin up model from Georgia, is also a talented photographer so expect to see some of her behind the camera work here at SupernatuReals.com.

When asked about her plum colored locs Nikki said, " I've been wearing my hair natural for 10 years. I went natural because I really didn't see the point of continuing to perm my hair when I wore it braided up most of the time. I'm not sure what specifically led me to loc my hair, I just knew that I would eventually do so. My hair represents growth, maturity and a commitment to myself. It also served as a reminder of how awesome things/places/people are in their natural state."

Photographer Bobby Williams and SupernatuReal Nikki Von Nu collaborated again to create these beautiful pictures. If you want to see the lovely locs hiding underneath Nikki's head wrap, check out her pin up style image set here on SupernatuReals.com.

"I consider myself to be Afrocentric; all of my art is from a Black aesthetic. I don't try to fit myself into white standards of beauty as a model, nor do I create those kinds of images as a photographer. I am all about celebrating women of color, especially Black women, and their natural beauty." 
--- Nikki Von Nu

SupernatuReal Nikki Von Nu and Photographer Bobby Williams teamed up for a third time to create more wonderful art to share with us.

Nikki's locs are a little longer, her body is a little stronger and she's just as beautiful as the last time we saw her. The long, flowing, sheer fabric Nikki's wrapped in brings to mind the "Dancing Oracle" scene from the film "300." But this is SupernatuReals.com, so we'll title this set "The Oracle of Meroƫ."