Interview with adult model Ms.Jadis White

I've seen you referred to as Ms. Jadis White  and as Jadis the Goddess. Do you have a preference?

---- No I don't have a preference.  "Jadis the Goddess is more PR for 2017, just as I used "Pretty Girl BBW/Your BBW Gf" for 2016.

I learned from one of your interviews that you're an avid reader and that you got your model name from "The Chronicles of Narnia."  What's the last good fiction book you've read?  Do you have a favorite genre?

--- It's honestly been awhile since I've read any fiction, but the last one was Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. It's a modern-day twist to one of the African gods, Anansi the Trickster. My favorite genres are anything with the supernatural or horror.

How long have you been wearing your hair natural?  What made you start wearing it that way?  

---  I've been natural since 2001 and just wanted my hair to be strong and healthy at first. But as I got older, wearing my hair natural took on a more spiritual and cultural meaning for me.

You told me that you recently made a big change to your hair.  Can you tell us what you did and why?

---- I chopped off my locs! I didn't intend to cut them originally, and for years I've wanted to comb them out. But that method was just taking too long  (haha). I've had locs in for the majority of the past 13 years and I'm just ready for more versatility. I won't relax my hair but I'll wear wigs, weaves, and braids for awhile.

The first thing that struck me about you was the ankh tattoo on your chest and the way you wore your hair.   I also noticed you call your hairstyle "locs" and not "dreads."   So I'm wondering,  is Jadis the  "Erykah Badu of her crew"?  Does she drink chai tea and burn sage and incense?  Does she use Shea Butter and not lotion, lol?  Is she "woke" or "conscious"?  Is she a Womanist of Feminist?  

----  Haha yeah I'm a natural sista and I purify my home with smudging but I'm just a person on a journey just like everybody else. I am a feminist, and I cannot stress enough that a) I don't associate myself with the agenda of the privileged and b) feminism isn't misandry.

How long have you been doing adult work?   What made you decide to try it?  Were you nervous about your first images and scenes being  posted online?  How have those close to you reacted to it?  

---  I've dabbled in it for years, but 2016 is when I published my first images and videos as an actual entertainer. This January marked my 1 year anniversary and I'm proud of the progress I've made. I was never nervous about my images because I made the decision to never be an employee again. My friends are all very supportive about my decision. I choose not to tell family at this time.

I've noticed a lot of models come into the business and just shoot for other people.  What made you decide to make content for yourself as well for other companies?

---- I decided to make content for myself because that's where the industry is for black BBWs. Gone are the days of contracts and well-paying gigs.

Do you play guitar ?  I ask because I saw an image of you posing with one and noticed the tattoo on your back.

----  I don't play anymore except for an occasional tinkering. But I started playing 18 years ago and even did a few live shows.

Do you have anything new and exciting planned for your adult work in 2017?   looking back, is there anything you'd do different?

----  I'm absolutely thrilled for 2017!  New scenes, a new look, and branching out more as far as travel and networking.  I don't want to give too much of the good stuff away so all I'll say is stay tuned!

The  only thing I'd do different if I could go back is more research on the industry.  But then again I think those growing pains of my first year helped shape my business and were necessary for my business to do better.

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SupernatuReals.com is a site dedicated to Black women who are calm and cool but never "relaxed."  They are rebels who reject European standards of beauty and wear there hair natural as it was intended to be.  They are not concerned with societies conservative rules about nudity and sensuality as it relates to women.  I call these women SupernatuReals.

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