Greg Newbold of  Newbold Studio is back from the City of Brotherly Love love with SupernatuReal Farrah. Farrah did the "Big Chop" four years ago and has been wearing her natural ever since.

he is the embodiment of the diversity that is at the core of SupernatuReals.com. She's has tats. She has piercings. Her blow-out afro is natural, but unconventional. Her physique is curvy, yet muscular. If you like her as much as I do, let me know and I'll try and get her to come back again.

I'm bringing you more of that Philadelphia flavor. Greg Newbold of  Newbold Studio and the beautiful SupernatuReal Farrah got together for a third time to create more stunning art to share with the residents of SupernatuReal.com.

For this set of images, the pair stepped out of Greg's studio and took advantage of the warm summer weather . The sunlight does wonderful things to Farrah. Her already sculpted frame seems even more defined, almost tangible. Her beautiful brown skin looks richer, darker. This is the first of two image sets that Greg and Farrah created so be on the lookout for more of their work soon.

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