Louise Diamond

South Philadelphia photographer Greg Newbold of  Newbold Studio and the renowned SupernatuReal Louise Diamond got together to create this beautiful image set. If you are a fan of artistic nude models and have never heard Louise Diamond then you probably have spent the last few years on Pluto!

She is an accomplished fashion, artistic nude, and erotic, freelance model of 5 years. She is also a professional painter, photographer and retouch artist. Louise had this to say about her natural hair, "I came to a pivotal point in my life where I asked myself, "Why don't I wear my real hair out more often?" "Who says I need to wear a weave to look nice?" So, as a result, I went natural." Be on the lookout for more work from Greg and Louise here at SupernatReals.com!

This shoot almost didn't happen. It was scheduled to rain that day but Louise and I decided to chance it and I'm glad that we did. It was the first time I'd photographed a model outside but the shoot went well.

She brought some different outfits and I'd brought some different sets of Afrocentric jewelry. Louise recommended some cool locations and we were able to create some great images. It was was an honor and a pleasure to work with a model with here level of experience. Louise poses like most people breath.

Her transitions from one stance to the next were smooth and organic, seemingly without thought yet perfect every time. We finished right on time because the rain started coming down hard as we were leaving. Louise is a photographer as well as a model so look to see some of her work behind the camera here in the future.

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