Jet & Eden

Thanks to SupernatReal Jet, we have two models in today's update features.  Jet pulled double duty as model and photographer but she also brought along newcomer, SupernatuReal Eden.

Eden has been wearing her her hair natural for three years and normally rocks a beautiful purple fro hawk.  Unfortunately, there was a little  miscommunication and she wore her hair in a protective style for this shoot.  But no need to worry.  When she and Jet link up again, I'm going to try and set up another shoot with her so that you can see that  beautiful hair hair of hers.

Jet had this to say about the shoot…"I wanted to shoot with another model to challenge myself as both an amateur photographer & model. I wanted to see if I could successfully work with someone else. I think I achieved it.  When I was planning the shoot, I realized I had matching tops & thigh socks of opposite colors. Eden just so happen to have the matching panties, so I went with it..."

"...I wanted the shoot to be very simple with black, grey & white shades so that our skin tones would come out in the forefront.  As for lighting, I used 2 lamps I have in my room. No special lighting equipment. I also decided to have my TV on, because once in a while, a nice blue color would appear and compliment both our skin tones, and I think the overall shoot has a warm feel of two friends having a sleepover.The only difficulties with the shoot was setting up the overhead shots. But I planned for it and everything turned out great! I hope I get to do more self shot sets with other models in the future. "

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