Coco Chantel

Today's image set features the the lovely SupernatuReal Cocoa Chantel. An extra special thanks to SuprenatuReal Britney Siren for discovering her and bringing her to my attention. I reached out to Cocoa and she said she was definitely interested in doing some modeling for the site.

Next, I contacted the super talented SupernatuReal Jet who said she'd love to photograph her. Jet's is so good that it's hard to believe she just recently took up photography. She's developed a great understanding of lighting and composition in a short period of time. Cocoa has a curvy/athletic build covered by flawless brown skin. For the this shoot, she rocked a braid out style that gave her natural hair a crinkly, wavy look.

Jet had this to say about the shoot, "Cocoa’s infectious smile and wonderful personality made shooting a breeze. I wanted to capture and share her calm, happy and care free energy. Everything came together perfectly for this shoot; her ivory lingerie and warm, beautiful skin tone complimenting the colors of the room."